I am a researcher and a storyteller. And a bit of a teacher too.

I love abstract, great, nearly un-understandable questions. The one’s you almost cannot understand. As a former researcher I tend to dive straight in to the big picture: I get curious, when I find something I cannot understand. Nothing is more compelling than to be left alone with that un-understandable and to look around and middle of it in overwhelming wonder. And then it starts to reveal itself… Those moments are priceless.

As a writer I bring the wonders and observations in to words, concepts and phrases. The ideas are turned to stories. Text and stories make possible to speak to others around me. Stories of love and life – and other s**ff. To construct stories out of words and concepts is my greatest passion.

As a teacher I want to share the ideas and observations with others. Ideas and observations are turned in smaller bits and pieces and made more understandable through examples. Not everybody think with concepts – and most important of all – most interesting phenomena of the world cannot be expressed with words and concepts, but with help of countless stories and metaphors.

I love a lot. Many things and always with passion. Food, seashores, work, people. But the people I love the most.


PhD (Social Sciences, sociology). Thesis Ydinperhen politiikka (The Politics Of Nuclear Family) (Gaudeamus, 2009).


In 1999-2012 I was a researcher at the University of Helsinki, at the Department of Sociology. Research included teaching (examinations, lectures, seminars, the supervision and inspection of thesis).

In 2013 we founded HIMA Happiness Ltd. With inspiration and enthusiasm we created a lifestyle concept including yoga studio, cafe and trainings. After few years of inspiration and enthusiasm decided to focus on trainings, which is our greatest passion.

I am the CEO in HIMA.

I also work as a researcher in a research project funded by Kone Foundation. The project is based at the University of Helsinki, at the Department of Social and Public Policy.


Lectures and keynotes in events and workshops. For example Naisten Kartano, Helsinki Missio, Vaasa City Library, Book Fair, Magnesia Festival, Minä Olen -fair.


Luennot ja puheenvuorot erilaisissa tapahtumissa (esimerkiksi Naisten Kartano, Vaasan kaupungin kirjasto, Kirjamessut, Magnesia, Minä Olen -messut).

TV and Radio

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