As I was already high on love after publishing the love book, I made in 2019 a series of ten podcasts on The Anatomy of Love. (I am sorry, podcasts only in Finnish.)

The podcasts gave me a chance to have a look on the self-evidences and contradictions of love thematically – to slice love in bits and pieces as if making conceptual autopsies. Microscopic gaze gives new and fresh perspectives on the self-evidences of love. You are able to see something you did not notice before. For example the question of commitment. Why should you commit to love?

Think about that.

podcast Keiju Vihreäsalo

The Anatomy of Love podcast can be found in Supla. Supla is a podcast channel for Nelosen Media, which is national media corporation of TV and radio. (I am sorry, podcasts only in Finnish my friend.)